About Us

HT Switchboards was established in 2012 and has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of low & medium voltage electrical switchboards for use in both light & power distribution and motor control applications. The company has achieved success over the years due to its strategy of being the “partner of choice” for its clients and the “employer of choice” for its people.

HT Switchboards design and build a wide variety of electrical switchboards. We offer customised sheet metal enclosures & modular enclosures in any configuration and colour. Our range of switchboards includes:

  • Control Panels
  • Distribution Boards
  • Load Centers
  • Main Switchboards
  • Metering Switchboards
  • UPS Switchboards
  • C-Bus Panel Boards
  • Temporary Power Boards

Design & Engineering

The design and engineering team at HT Switchboards is proficient and is able to meet the demands of customers for custom-built electrical switchboards. Our team incorporates hands-on experience with our skilled management team who have made their way up from factory floors.

Our team specialises in cooperating with customers to design any requirement from the smallest and simplest of distribution boards to the most complex Form 4 assemblies. We utilise some of the latest design software to develop a fully-engineered solution.


HT Switchboard employees holds both local and international experience in manufacturing of custom-built switchboards and is committed to delivering high quality projects that meet the needs of customers. We use up-to-date equipment required to produce switchboards that entail bending, punching and cutting.

Upon completion of enclosures and busbar requirements, our team will install the components of the switchboard as workshop drawings produced by our engineering and design personnel. Finally, HT Switchboards will cater for the delivery of your switchboard to your site where required. Comprehensive inspection and tests are completed by qualified staff on each switchboard, of whichare available to our customers on request.


Actual power quality and demand analysis by measurement has become an essential tool for electrical engineers. From simple maximum demand and energy usage analysis to more complex harmonic pollution and transient capture, our power quality and demand analysers are up to the task. Based on user-determined thresholds, our power quality and demand analysers capture a high resolution snap shot of fluctuations, including motor starts, spikes and transient events. We provide both short term and long term power quality and maximum demand analysis and sub distribution boards in residential, commercial and industrial facilities.