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HT Switchboards provides a broad range of activities and skills covering refurbishment,maintenance, inspection, testing, installation and commissioning suitable for an extensive range of electrical, control, electronic and other equipment in low and medium voltage applications. The flawless overlap in technologies and skills offer a one-stop advantage. HT Switchboards has built a viable reputation in Utilities, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Commerce and Trade.


HT Switchboards understands large and small projects, being engaged in a broad range of industries – Utilities, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Commerce and Trade Applications. Irrespective of the size, HT Switchboards familiarises itself with the electrical engineering and construction requirements of clients by developing an expert team that focuses on the overall requirements of the project. The more extensive the project, for example, beneficiation and smelter, power station, hospital installation with UPS and stand-by generators, and so forth, the more necessary and effective this conceptual phase is.

HT Switchboards is one of the few electrical engineering and contracting companies to adopt the AutoCAD™ technology allowing visualisation of

complex electrical installation designs in buildings. Removal of uncertainties as to material content and possible design conflicts, provides clients with highly accurate bills of material costs—and importantly, headache free without unpleasant surprises or project overruns in time and money.